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Ten frequently asked questions about hydrolyzed collagen.

We have put together the most frequently asked questions about our hydrolyzed collagen.

  1. What is collagen, and what is its function?

Collagen is the dominant protein in our body. It has several functions: provides strength, stability, and flexibility while maintaining the tissues’ structure. 

It directly affects the appearance of our skin, nails, and hair and has an internal impact. 

Collagen conforms 90% of bones, 75% of skin, and 85% of tendons. However, we can also find it in several other parts of our body: blood vessels, teeth, lungs, tendons, etc. 

2. From what age is it advisable to supplement with hydrolyzed collagen? 

Around the age of 20, our body reaches the peak of collagen production. After this age, it begins to decrease in quantity and functionality. However, it is not necessary to wait until collagen production begins to decline before incorporating it into your diet.

3. What is the recommended daily dose? 

It is essential to know the technology applied to obtain our products: bioactive peptides usually require lower doses than traditional peptides. Bioactive peptides have specific amino acid sequences with more precise targets. 

If you consume traditional peptides, the minimum dose is 10 grams per day. On the other hand, if they are bio-peptides, the suggested amount is 2.50 g per day. 

4. Where is the collagen obtained? Does origin impact quality or functionality?

Collagen is of bovine origin. Extracted from the animal’s skin, bones, Achilles tendon, and cartilage, we obtain hydrolyzed collagen through a double cleavage of the molecule, isolating the peptide in its purest state. 

For this reason, the origin of collagen does not affect its quality, functionality, or absorption. 

5. When do I start to see the benefits of collagen supplementation?

In between weeks six and 9 of daily intake, according to studies. 

6. At what time of day should I take it?

Whenever you want, absorption is not affected. Our suggestion? Incorporate it mid-morning and take advantage of its satiating power. 

7. Can I get the same benefits of hydrolyzed collagen supplementation through diet?

Unfortunately, it is not possible. While many foods we consume daily have collagen, the protein is in a state where its absorption is impossible. At Suppler Labs®, we break down this molecule with state-of-the-art technology so that your body can immediately reap the benefits of supplementation.  

8. Can it be incorporated into a vegan diet? 

Collagen is from animal sources, so it is not possible to incorporate it into a vegan diet. 

Remember that it is impossible to obtain collagen from vegetable sources simply because they do not have it. 

9. Can I consume it if I have celiac disease?

Yes, it is TACC-free. You can incorporate it into a celiac diet without any problem. It is also keto-friendly. 

10. Do I need to supplement my diet with vitamins or minerals to promote collagen absorption? 

No. VITAMIN C plays a crucial role in biosynthesis. That is why we include it in our formulation. To maximize production, we also include:

  • Iron, 
  • Vitamin C and D 
  • Magnesium 
  • Zinc

Suppler® hydrolyzed collagen is the result of a complete and integral formulation.

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