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Is it possible to control hair loss with supplements?

Everything we consume has an impact on our bodies. From a more traditional approach, a healthy diet promotes a strong immune system while providing our body with energy and essential nutrients for its proper functioning. 

Did you know that amino acid supplementation can improve hair loss? 

Alopecia does not only come with age.

Alopecia, hair loss, or baldness is one of the most common ailments today. This condition, which affects the male gender to a greater extent, is aggravated by age and other factors such as stress and genetics. 

In addition, certain practices such as twisting, bleaching, and pulling hair alter the functioning of the hair bulb and cause stress on the cells, which can trigger alopecia. 

The hair follicle is the center of hair production. It is an area with a high level of vascularization, thanks to which a correct supply of vitamins and nutrients essential for our hair to look healthy and shiny is ensured. 

Nutrition is vital to provide all the active substances necessary for the correct functioning of the follicle.

If hair follicle activity is low, growth is reduced, but we also begin to see symptoms of poor nutrition. The hair strand tends to become thin, dull, and susceptible to breakage. This process, known as hair aging, is characterized by:

-Decrease in hair amount

-Decrease in the diameter of the hair strand.

-Increase in the duration of the resting state of the hair follicle cells: Although the resting state is a normal part of our hair cycle, an increase in its duration is associated with baldness. Taurine and methionine are key amino acids. These two amino acids are essential for many metabolic processes in our body. 

Our body synthesizes taurine from other amino acids, such as methionine and cysteine. It is essential to understand that a correct concentration of different elements, such as magnesium and vitamin B6, is necessary for this synthesis to occur. 

Complex, isn’t it?

Taurine can also be obtained from some foods such as meat, fish, nuts, lentils, and some vegetables. 

Ensuring a good supply of taurine through a supplement is essential when we talk about capillary loss and, even more, highlighting the complex interrelationships between the crucial elements of our body.   

Taurine fulfills a protective function by depositing itself around the follicle, inhibiting the hair aging process, notably decreasing hair loss, while promoting the formation of keratin, giving strength to your hair. 

As if that were not enough, taurine is an amino acid with sulfur with antioxidant and detoxifying properties. It can stabilize the cells’ response to daily pollution, stress, and aggressive hair treatments. 

As explained above, methionine is key to the synthesis of taurine. It also strengthens the bonds that make the structure of our hair, nails, and skin.

It increases blood irrigation, favoring oxygenation and nutrition of the hair follicle. Methionine is an amino acid with sulfur that acts as a powerful antioxidant for your hair and scalp skin. 

Remember that alopecia can appear at any period of your life. For this reason, you should not wait for hair loss to start preventing it. 

If you already suffer from alopecia, you are not alone. You can reverse it or appease it by consuming substances that favor the activity of the hair follicle cells. 

In our body, no element is isolated. The complexity and balance between the different active ingredients that promote hair growth can be a complicated system to understand. 

Recovery was formulated with Dr. Miguel Marti, a dermatologist specializing in hair recovery and surgery. It recovers damaged and lost hair, thanks to the ideal balance between:

  • Bioactive collagen peptides.
  • Vitamins B9, B6, C and A
  • Liposomal iron
  • Zinc
  • Tryptophan
  • Hibiscus extract 
  • Taurine and methionine
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